The magnificent medieval hamlet of Savignano Sul Panaro is located on the sweet hills of the Province of Modena which is located on the right of the Panaro river.

Known as Savignano “alto” it is a classic example of a fortified hamlet with majestic defensive towers and three orders of walls. The early reports of its origins date back to the year 898, the era of the jurisdiction of the bishops of Modena.



 The fortress of Vignola was built on a buttress of sandstone in order to monitor the Panaro valley, in the enchanting view of the first hills. An example of one of the most interesting among those of Emilia Romagna’s fortified architecture, it has been mentioned since 1178.

Until the beginning of the year 400 the building was used by the army, but was subsequently transformed into a luxurious abode lavishly frescoed by the Contrari family, who were used to the comfort and the splendour of the Ferrarese court.

Let’s not forget to mention the CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVALfesta dei ciliegi in fiore” between March and April along the road of wines and flavours, Vignola is very renowned for its cherries.

Vignola also boast the home of the famous handmade Torta Barozzi (Barozzi cake) in honour of the architect Jacopo Barozzi.


The fortified tower is a medieval complex at the entrance of the main town. It was built with a tower, a drawbridge and a keep. Presently the tower is home to an antiquarian: headquarters of the “ORDER DEL NOCINO MODENESE” (order of the walnut liqueur of Modena).

THE RANGONE FORTRESS was, for more than 650 years a castle, then the summer abode of the Marquis of Rangoni, from the year 2005 it became property of the municipality who started the restoration process and opened a huge park. The elegant courtyard of Honour houses the “Corte del Gusto” (the court of flavours) which promotes the excellence of the superb product “Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena P.D.O”.

The “Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena P.D.O. Museum" is located in Villa Fabriani in Spilamberto; tastings can be booked in the vinegar factory.


The majestic Abbey of Monteveglio was built between the 11th and 13th centuries, on the peak of the hill bearing the same name. At the foothills,this delightful fortress emerged.

Both were guarded by a castle with vast city walls which however no longer exist bar the entrance gate and the 300-year-old tower.


The origins of the fortress of Bazzano are said to be before the year 1000. Matilde of Canossa was gifted the fortress by her father Bonifacio when she was a mere 9 years old.

Its present appearance goes back to the Renaissance period, when the Bentivoglio family transformed it into a delightful holiday home in the countryside.
The Fortress is currently an archaeological museum “Arsenio Crespellani” and belongs to the Bentivoglio Fortress foundation.