This is where our tale begins

It's a simple tale about memories and moments spent together. It's the story of a tradition made by the slow passing of time, in the kitchens of our dearest Grandmas, along with rumbling copper pots spreading delicious aromas all around the house.

This is the the age when mothers used to teach their daughters the secrets of cooking with noble ingredients and, most of all, with love and care.

We have been brought up by the people who have made great the history of Emilia's culinary tradition.
We proudly like to think that visitors from abroad can be part of our most important aim: keeping this tradition alive by passing it on and creating some special moments with our guests.

And this is me...with my sister

My name is Monica, I'm a "SFOGLINA" cook, that is to say: a pasta maker.
Over the last 10 years I have gained a long-standing experience as a cook.
This is where I can really express myself: being close to genuine ingredients and transforming them into very special food. Many years ago I had my breakthrough: the opportunity to start working with a renowned handmade pasta shop in Bologna. I fell in love…Madly in love.

I would like to share with you this great passion. TRYANDTASTE is an amazing cooking class project, started with my sister Barbara, an enthusiastic foodie herself, a cake designer and a “SFOGLINA”, too. Our purpose is to promote and give value to the genuineness of our culinary tradition, in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.